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Island Love Stones
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Island Love Stones  

Legend has it that the Royal Princess of Palau, the daughter of the great King Abba Thule fell in love with the handsome son of the High Chief of Yap. Because the island kingdoms had been at war with each other for centuries, their union could never be. The Princess being a youthful and rebellious soul, gathered the island's Makahnas or High Priests and commissioned them to find a way for them to be together, if not physically...then spiritually. They convened for 13 days and 13 nights before they concocted a sacred love potion, called: "Agimat" and the spiritual love stones. It was told that the Princess and her beloved Prince died suddenly and mysteriously at the exact time on the same day and became united in the afterlife. Another legend told of seeing the Princess and the Prince hand-in-hand as they ascended up the steps of the rainbows into heaven. And to this day, the people of the islands would stare at the colorful rainbows for hours hoping to catch a glimpse of the Princess and the Prince on their magical journey.

"The sacred Love Stones are meta-physical magnets
used to energize and align a person's karma"
Maga'Saina Mataknga


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"There is something magical about these Love Stones. My boyfriend and I have a set. Whenever we're apart, I can feel that he is always near me. When I touch the Love Stone, I can sense his presence spiritually and physically. It's a wonderful experience."


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